This site is dedicated to researching and analysing the latest developments taking place in the global automotive industry. This is no mean task, the automobile has done more to change human society than perhaps any other development over the past 100 years. More economic, national and personal interest has been invested in its rise to dominance than almost any other human activity. The purpose here is to put automotive production in its proper place: "the industry of industries".



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Feature Analysis - Private Equity: The salvation of Chrysler

Chrysler has suffered the death of a thousand cuts but the rescue by private equity may herald a reshaping of the industry. Click here.

Feature analysis: support britain, buy foreign

British manufacturing is being hammered on the anvil of globalisation.  There is only one way to fight back: buy foreign. Click here to find out why.

Feature analysis - MG, Rover and the orient

AutoCognition has always taken a close interest in the continuing fortunes of MG and Rover under Chinese ownership.


Reaction on the recent reopening of Longbridge, click here.


The growing influence of ex-MG Rover engineers at SAIC, click here.


The liklihood of Austin Healey re-emerging with a little help from NAC, click here.


Marketing the TF: considerations on pricing and selling the MG sports car here.

Ford and volvo: selling or lending?

Now Ford might want to sell Volvo, meaning the end of PAG. But just why is Ford devouring its own flesh in order to sate its hunger, and  what is the role of the powertrain facility at Bridgend in South Wales? Perhaps Ford is playing a longer game than anyone realises - click here for a new perspective.



Volvo gunning for Jaguar

The Volvo R-Design series puts Jaguar's own R super-saloons in the firing line. Click here.

Ford and PAG: Selling the lifeboats

AutoCognition argues that the PAG brands constitute an effective financial and production portfolio for Ford.


Click here for the complete analysis.

Lancia rises from the rust


Lancia is due to return to

right-hand-drive markets in

 2008 with the new Delta.

How it will fare in the UK?

Click here for the analysis.

New Mondeo - the last ford

Ford has moved the Mondeo's quality into the premium market while its own brand image lingers in the basement. 


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Ford - selling the future to pay for the past

Ford's present is tense, so it is paying for its past misdemeanors by selling its future. The current strategy will keep the shareholders happy but they may learn to regret it. Ford is losing operations that it may need for its long term future, brands that it needs for its defence against the growing prestige brands. Summary here.

Saic releases a roewe convertible

SAIC is releasing convertible bonds to raise investment funds for its development of MG Rover's intellectual property into a range of cars for the 21st Century. This will cost billions, put it does not seem to have put off NAC which is struggling on with MG Rover's physical assets. Compare here.

Feature Analysis
Ford Volvo: sell or lend
Taxi Fare for China
Marketing the MG TF
Support UK, buy foreign
Ford and PAG
Longbridge Reopens
Salvation of Chrysler
Start a Car Company
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