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research project proposals

The following research projects are expected to be published in the coming months:


Reports: the role of private equity in the future of the automotive industry

This proposed paper investigates the growing influence of private equity in the business world, with particular reference to the automotive industry. Although private equity firms are regarded with some degree of suspicion two of their number have recently taken on Aston Martin and Chrysler respectively. In both cases a technical link was retained with the preceding automotive parent. The paper argues that private equity is no threat to automotive firms, and indeed brings financial stability to an industry that demands steady management.


Text: 5000 words (approximate)


Chapter 1 - Introduction


Provides background on the rise of private equity firms, their perceived threat and recent involvement in the automotive industry.


Chapter 2 – Forms of Ownership


Description of different forms of firm ownership, providing an opportunity to compare and contrast private equity structures. Also, how different ownership structures affect the automobile industry and why the industry is a special case.


Chapter 3 – The Threats and Opportunities of Private Equity


Explanation of why private equity firms excite so much reaction, both good and bad.


Chapter 4 – Private Equity in the Automotive Industry


Discussion concerning the recent ingress of private equity firms into the automotive industry with case studies of Aston Martin and Chrysler.


Chapter 5 – Future Potential


Projections on the future of private equity firms in rescuing automotive firms e.g. Ford.

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